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Who We Are

We are a team of experienced developers who share the view of fast, efficient and reliable servers. Over the years we have been managing servers for some large Companies until we decided to build our custom solution.

There are a tons of web hosting services out there and many people will want to ask this question, why us! Businesses are trying to make their services unique so that the value for Money will be maintained. We understand that every penny spent must be accurately valued for in return for its service. In other to achieve this, we have put in place advanced servers and so many unique features, in other make sure that you achieve your hostgoal blissfully. -O.C. Michael

Services We Offer

We offer a range of hosting services with some Marketing and SEO addons also, this is with the aim of making sure all our basic client’s needs towards success is offered as a service. With just an account, any of these services can be ordered and monitored easily from our custom user panel built for this purpose. We have outlined some of these services below;

Strong and Reliable VPS

Our VPS are strong, reliable and efficient. Our VPS creation after order is instant

Cheap Dedicated Servers

We have a fairly priced Dedicated servers available for instant creation after order

Basic SSL Installed

We have basic SSL installed for all CPanel users on our shared hosting server for free


Free and reliable support for all customers available 24/7. Some premium support also available


We have SEO plans dedicated for customer’s success. They are affordable and efficient

Top Level Domains

We have over 400TLDs (Top Level Domains) available to be registered


All hosting services are available with lots of interesting addons.

Dedicated IPs

For servers that would be needing extra IPs, we have some dedicated IPS available for order

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